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Saba Ashoori

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Meet Saba Ashoori, a Edmonton-based Personal Stylist, dedicated to helping ambitious women up-level their style to suit their personal and professional lives.


Born and raised in South Africa, Saba’s love for the arts and fashion started at a young age, where she would sketch fashion garments from Magazines and be the go-to source for outfit advice to family and friends.


Saba is a fully qualified Stylist, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Clothing Retail Management, an international qualification in Fashion Styling, and has received a Diploma from The London College of Style in Advanced Colour Analysis, she is uniquely suited to this task. 


Saba takes the time to educate her clients on the fundamentals to styling. She sources garments and then curates high-quality, polished looks to transform your closet into a visually merchandise boutique. You'll find getting ready in the morning becomes an easy, stress-free process and empowers you to succeed in every sphere of your life.


In addition to styling, Saba is passionate about her hand-drawn custom illustrations from pictures through the use of Copic Markers for her clients.

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