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Investment: Starting at $600 + GST

4-hour in-person (half a day), in-home session

  • We will chat briefly before the session to help me understand your style needs and lifestyle before we go through your wardrobe. 

  • Together we will go through each item in your wardrobe to determine which items are working for you, and which are not.

  • We will be decluttering your wardrobe and together we will decide which clothing items you would like to keep, donate, sell or discard.

  • I will help you re-organize your items in your wardrobe in a user-friendly way, keeping in mind your lifestyle and needs.

  • Finally, you will receive a personalized wardrobe guide, which covers important aspects discussed in the session. In addition,  you will gain advice on the next steps after a Wardrobe Cleanout and a custom shopping list to help you make future purchasing choices. 

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Together we will clean out your wardrobe and I will arrange it in a beautiful and simplified manner. 

Lastly, I will equip you with all the important information needed to complete your Wardrobe Audit. 

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