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How to Take Care of your Jeans?

A question I've even, asked myself. Buying a pair of jeans is an investment especially when you're willing to splurge a bit to get a pair that's going to last you a couple of years. Since moving to Edmonton, I soon realized the need for a good pair of jeans, as it's a classic staple to wear all year round and it pairs well with everything in my closet.

I will be breaking down the process on how to care for your favourite pair of jeans:

  1. Wash your jeans, but less

So being a clean freak, it's definitely been a challenge for me to accept this rule. But, apparently the less often they touch water, the longer the colour will last. For small stains, spot clean when possible and if they smell or are soiled then place them in the washing machine. Did you know that you only need to wash your jeans after every 3-10 wears? Yes, you heard me, at most up to 10 wears! When placing your jeans in the washing machine, turn your jeans inside out, on the cold water cycle and on a delicate/gentle setting. You want less abrasion to happen, especially with your distressed jeans. For white jeans, make sure to wash in similar colours. For all denim, take note to use a small amount of mild detergent and never use bleach, as it will stain and damage it.

2. Air-dry or use low heat

Tumble dryers are the culprit to your jeans shrinking and damaging them. It is recommended to air-dry your jeans flat or hang them in the shade as sunlight can distort and discolour your jean. When you choose to air-dry your jean, it will cause them to be a little stiff at first, it will only take a short time of wear for them to revert to their normal softness. You can soften your jean by steaming or ironing the garment inside out.

3. Storing

According to experts, it's best to store your jeans upright using an S-hook, which can be attached to the two outer belt loops with the zip folded inwards. By using an S-hook, it will help reduce unwanted creases and wrinkles. Now, not everyone has the space in their closet for it, like myself, as I like to store my jeans by folding them and placing them on my shelf.

4. Recycle/donate/consign/upcycle

Now, what happens when your jeans don't fit you anymore or they are too old? It's time to recycle, donate, consign or upcycle them. There are plenty of consignments and donation centres within Edmonton that will resell your jeans. If your jeans, are still in great condition and don't fit anymore you can get cashback for selling them at a consignment store, you will usually receive a 40% of the selling price.

There are retailers that have a recycling program:

  • Levi's stores (and Outlets) have a recycling box where you can drop off any denim from any brand and give your jeans a new life. *Please note that due to COVID-19, they are not accepting recycling donations at the moment.

  • Bluenotes offers $5 towards a new pair of denim when you drop off your gently used pair at one of their stores.

  • The H&M group has a clothing recycling program that allows you to bring in a bag of clothing to receive at least 10% off of your purchase.

Upcycling your jeans is another great way to repurpose your jeans. Pinterest and YouTube are great platforms to look for ideas.

I hope this has helped to gain a better understanding of how to care for your jeans.


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