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Personal Shopping


Investment: $700 + GST

Includes: 3 hours In-store with the stylist and 2.5 hour Stylist Pull

  • Who is this for?

    • If you don't enjoy shopping and are open-minded to experimenting with new styles.

    • If you enjoy shopping and want a VIP experience to expand your personal style.

    • If you prefer trying on clothes in-store rather than online.

    • If you feel your current clothes don't fit, are outdated, or no longer suit your personal style or lifestyle.

    • If you need a seasonal update.

    • If you are rushed for time to find clothes for an upcoming vacation, photoshoot, or event.

    • If you want to invest in quality clothes that make you feel incredible.


  1. You will receive a digital-style questionnaire that you can fill out in the comfort of your home. This will enable me to understand your style and lifestyle needs, sizing, and budget.

  2. Once I've conducted my research, I will visit the Shopping Mall ahead of time to pull clothes the day before, setting them up in the fitting rooms.

  3. Upon your arrival, all the selected items are ready for you to try on.

  4. Witness the magic unfold as you start to fall in love with pieces I've chosen for you based on your needs. Purchase your favorite items.

Ash Style_-29.jpg
Ash Style_-20.jpg
Untitled design (1).png

When you book this service, you'll receive a one-of-a-kind reusable tote bag as a complimentary gift, featuring my original illustration and design.

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