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You have clothes to wear but you:

  • Don't know which colours best suit you

  • Feel like they don't suit your lifestyle and style personality

  • Don't know how to align it with your body shape

  • Want to feel more confident in mixing and matching your clothes

  • Struggle in knowing which clothing items are missing to complete a capsule wardrobe

  • Feel overwhelmed and don't know where to begin 

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You feel:

  • Overwhelmed when browsing for clothes

  • That you spend countless hours searching for an item you have in mind and can’t find it

  • That you struggle to create outfits that reflect you

  • Frustrated with the clothes you currently have in your wardrobe

  • That you keep buying the same clothes over and over


You've got a closet full of clothes but you:

  • Feel like you have nothing to wear

  • Getting ready in the mornings is a mission

  • Every time you look at your wardrobe you feel overwhelmed

  • Don't know what you like and don't like

  • Don't know what's the best method to categorize your clothing

  • Need guidance and help from an expert

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Wardrobe Audit
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