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The Benefits of a Colour Analysis

Ever wondered why you gravitate towards certain colours and others not...well there is a scientific reason behind it.

Colour theory was introduced by Sir Isaac Newton, the renowned mathematician, invented the first colour wheel. He was studying light and how it reflected through prisms. Newton noticed that it reflected a spectrum of colours and believed these hues shared a harmonious relationship. He compared the hues to music and found that each hue had a corresponding musical note. He then arranged the musical notes into a square and then finally placed the colours on a disk to see how they interacted with each other. For the purposes of Colour Analysis, the artists Colour Wheel serves us best, as it relates well to clients’ skin, hair and eye colours.

Through a Seasonal Colour Analysis I will determine your undertone (Warm or Cool) and which Season you fall under (Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn). Through a draping method, I can show you which colours are giving you that glow and which ones are washing you out. In addition, you will find out your best metals for jewelry, hair and makeup recommendations.

How will this benefit you:

  1. Declutter clothes that are making you look tired or sick. All my client's get super excited about this part as they finally have proof to why they weren't wearing a certain item. Letting go becomes so much easier.

  2. Save money in the long run. You won't repurchase clothing colours that you know don't make you look and feel good.

  3. Shopping is easier as you have your colour fan on hand and you can see which colours match up with the swatches.

  4. Look younger with the right neutrals and accent colours. A common colour I see is that a lot of people wear Black as it's slimming. Unfortunately, is doesn't look good on most people as it can make you age. Only Winters can wear this neutral best.

  5. Mix and Match your clothes effortlessly as you know your items pair well together because their undertone and intensities are the same. For example, Summers and Autumns have a more muted colour palette and Springs and Winters are brighter and bolder.

  6. Get the compliments you deserve. Many of my client's come to as me as they have noticed that nobody gives compliments to them. I've seen how transformational for myself and my client's what Colour Analysis can do for someone. You will definitely start feeling confident and turn heads.

  7. This is a one time investment as your skin undertone doesn't change throughout your life. It is a great tool to figure out as it makes dressing so much easier.

If you're interested in finding your best colours, check out my page here for pricing and details. I would love to work with you.


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