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How to Thrift and Consign Clothing in Edmonton?

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Learn how to find great quality clothing for an unbeatable price and where to sell your pre-loved items

For those who don’t know what a consignment store is, I’m here to help! This type of second-hand store resells the belongings of individuals on their behalf. Consignment store owners check the belongings that match with their shop’s style profile and if it meets with the quality standards, they will sell it on your behalf. You usually will receive 40% of the selling price if you choose to resell your clothing with them.

The first step to finding thrift clothing, like any other shopping excursion, is to make sure you’re in a good mood, know what you’re looking for and have a budget in mind.


Do your research beforehand as every consignment store has a different speciality. Visit their website and social media platforms and find out what brands they like to consign and who generally is their target market. The next step is to check the location of the consignment, to plan your travel time. During these difficult times, it’s still important to support local businesses. Some consignment stores have most of their clothes on their website, which makes online shopping an option too.

Scan the aisles

Once you’ve arrived at the store, scan and go to the section where you most likely will find the item you need. Check for your size and see if it’s within your budget. When you find an item you like, give it a quick scan and check for obvious signs of wear and tear, most of the time, consignment stores check the clothing as it comes in before they approve it, so you’re in good hands.

Head to the fitting room

Once you have the potential item on, look at the fit. Ask yourself, is it too tight or too loose? If it’s too tight not much can be done, but if there is space for easy alterations like hemming the pants shorter or taking in the dress at the waistline then it’s a great choice.

Look for quality rather than the brand. Check the label on the inside of the garment, and see what the fabric composition is and how to care for it. An easy way to determine if something is of good quality, lean more toward garments made from natural fibres than synthetic, they are more durable and comfortable.

Ask yourself, what will I wear it with? Picture how you can combine the item with others you already own - think of at least two outfit combinations.

Adopt the purchase

Once you have purchased the item, welcome it to your wardrobe by removing the tag - I encourage my own clients to do the same. Wash the item on a gentle/delicate cycle in cold water and once dry, place it in your wardrobe with joy.

Below are a few of my favourite consignment stores in Edmonton:

  • Wrinkled - 10462 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A2

At Wrinkled, they have curated a wide selection of sizes and brands that are in high demand for you to browse and shop, while also offering Canada wide shipping.

Caprice has been in business since 1988 and they value giving back to the community and making women feel incredible.

They are a luxury, designer boutique, which even carries brands like Chanel and Hermès, and many more.


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